Recharge Your Senses With A Sip Of Darjeeling Tea

Posted by Admin on August, 23, 2019

Darjeeling tea is one of the most popular teas all over the globe. The tea is also famously called as champagne of teas. The taste of Darjeeling tea is exquisite and one of its kinds.

The tea is produced in the mesmerizing foothill of the Himalayan Mountains. It offers a stunningly light, subtle flavor and aroma when prepared. The tea leaves of Darjeeling tea are first rolled and then oxidized just like any other black tea. As the tea is rich in several bioactive compounds, its consumption will give you many health benefits. The reason why the popular tea tastes so different from rest of the regular teas is because it gets adequate condition required for growth in the hills of Darjeeling. Now it has got the status of one of the finest teas all across the world, as the Indian Darjeeling tea suppliers in Kolkata leave no stone unturned in providing an aromatic and exotic range.

Most of the famous Darjeeling gardens are situated at an altitude of approximately 750- 2000m in the Himalayan Mountains. Adequate moisture, intermittent rainfall and proper sunshine contribute significantly to the growth of the tea. These factors go a long way in giving the tea a unique flavor and boosting its popularity. Given below are some of the benefits of consuming Darjeeling tea:

Improvement in cardiovascular health: According to a recent study, it has been discovered that if you consume black tea especially Darjeeling tea, your cardiovascular health receives significant improvement. The study also claimed that sipping 5 servings of black tea in a day reduced blood cholesterol to a greater extent in those people consuming a relatively low fat diet.

Strong bones: There presence of certain compounds in Darjeeling tea helped in boosting the density of the bones. According to experts, those women who consume black tea at a regular interval are likely to have stronger bone density in comparison to non-tea drinkers. Women face the risk of osteoporosis as they age. And, it is discovered that tea drinker has roughly 3 percent higher bone density. So if you want to minimize the risk of osteoporosis, start consuming black tea. It will alleviate the impact of age-related bone problems and help you strengthen your bones.

Anti-oxidants components: Anti-oxidants are available in all types of tea. However, when it comes to black tea which is allowed to ferment during processing is highly rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have emerged useful in neutralizing free radicals, unbalanced and dangerous chemicals which develop during digestion process or in your organs when you expose yourself to toxic compounds. Free radicals can even harm your cellular membrane and DNA enhancing the possibility of chronic disease. Black tea plays an important role in neutralizing free radicals.

Weight loss: If you are working hard to shed some extra calories, do not worry anymore. Darjeeling tea has become highly useful for people who want to regain their shape by losing all the extra kilos. The presence of caffeine not only enhances your energy and mood, but controls your hunger pangs as well. It will help your stay in the shape and healthy.

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