Types Of Blended Tea You Should Definitely Try Out

Posted by Admin on January, 10, 2020

Tea is certainly one of the favorite beverages of most of the people. There are many whose days do no start without having a hot cup of tea. Then there are those who drink tea every hour to release the pent up stress. If you are a true tea lover, you must be knowing about the many types of tea leaves that are available in the market today. But worry not even if you know only about a few.

Talking to the many wholesale blended tea supplier in Kolkata, we’ve come to realize that there are many ways in which you get your tea leaves itself like loose tea, flavored tea, tea bags, and packaged tea. In this article, you will learn mote about the types of loose tea as these are the most popular ones. So, without further ado, let’s get into reading about the major types of loose tea leaves you should definitely try out.

Blended Tea

One of the most common types of tea leaves are the blended tea leaves. The blended tea supplier in Kolkata say that this is one of the most flavorful tea leaves in the market as they have the perfect balance of flavors, caffeine, and other things to make a great cup of tea. You can approach any blended tea wholesale supplier in Kolkata to get this tea at a cost effective price.

Orthodox Tea

Another popular type of loose tea you can find in the market is orthodox tea. You can get these in different forms like Whole Leaf Tea, Broken Leaf Tea, Fanning Tea and Tippy Tea. These tea leaves are handpicked from the tea estates and brought to you in the best of form. The reason this tea is known as orthodox tea is because of the way it is rolled. It is either rolled using hand or a machine is used for its rolling that is very similar to hand-rolling mechanism only.

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling is known for its endless stretches of tea estates. And as the name suggests, Darjeeling tea is nothing but tea leaves that have been handpicked by the farmers working in Darjeeling tea estates. These tea leaves are known for their soothing flavor and have a very distinct aroma. There is a floral aroma in Darjeeling tea. You can see a light-colored and thin-bodied infusion when you brew Darjeeling tea.

Green Tea

If you are also a health enthusiast like many others, you would most certainly have heard about green tea. This tea is known for its anti-oxidant content that could help boost your metabolism while also cutting down your fat. Loose green tea leaves can be brewed in water to create this tea and consumed at different times in the day if you want to attain a healthier and leaner body.

Black Tea

For those who want a little extra flavor of caffeine, black tea could be their pick. Black tea suppliers in India believe that this loose tea is a great alternative for coffee for the people. This tea is especially purchase by those people who love their tea strong.

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